icono_salvavidasDredging: It is estimated that as much as 100,000 cubic yards of new sedimentation occurs in our Fox River and Chain O’Lakes system every year through the Fox River, shoreline erosion and by our entire watershed. It is imperative that we work to remove at least this much sediment out of our system each year. We can do this by dredging all of our lakes, main navigational channels, channel mouths and even homeowner channels.

icono_salvavidasDebris: We work to remove debris from our waterway to maintain navigable channels, rivers and waterways. This includes any obstructions within our navigable waterways that may create a dangerous or emergency situation.

icono_salvavidasMajor Projects: We have engineered and performed massive restoration projects using GeoTube technology that restores and secures shorelines from erosion and extinction.

2022 Dredging Projects*

Orchard Heights – North Channel Lower River McHenry Mechanical
Orchard Heights – Mid Channel Lower River McHenry Mechanical
Orchard Heights South Channel – Mouth Only Lower River McHenry Mechanical
Dutch Creek – Mouth Upper River McHenry Mechanical
Mouth Grass Marie Channel/Grass Lake Grass Lake Lake Hydraulic
Nippersink Creek – Southern Portion Nippersink Lake Mechanical
Petite Lake Park Petite Lake Mechanical
Dering Lane Petite Lake Mechanical
Halings Marina North Channel Grass Lake Lake Mechanical
Halings Marina South Channel Grass Lake Lake Mechanical

* Projects scheduled are tentative. Time frame for completion has multiple variables such as weather, floods, storm responses, staff availability, etc. Some projects may carry over into the following season.

Completed Projects

L10 (Carry Over From 2020 Season) Grass Lake Completed 2021
Boats and Saddle Phase 1 Upper River Completed 2021
Boats and Saddle Phase 2 Upper River Completed 2021
Boats and Saddle Phase 3 Upper River Completed 2021
Lake Cty Sheriffs Base / American Legion Nippersink Completed 2021
Suicide Alley / Nippersink Lake Nippersink Completed 2021
FWA HQ Pistakee Completed 2020
Venetian Garden Lower River Completed 2020
Viscaya Grass Lake Completed 2020
Governor’s / Fortress Channel Pistakee Completed 2020
Heart O’ Lakes Grass Lake Completed 2020
Grass Lake / Lake Marie Grass Lake Channel to Lake Marie Completed 2020
Boone Creek Upper River Completed 2019
West Dunn’s Entrance Nippersink Lake Completed 2018
Moraine Hills Lower River Completed 2018
Rushmore Fox Lake Completed 2018
Halings Grass Lake Completed 2018

Some of our Success Projects: