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    What to do next...

    - Mark The Hazard by using an empty milk container or extra life vest with anchor
    - Send a detailed map with description
    - Landmark identification is also helpful

    Do You Want To Send Us A Photo?

    This form is to be utilized by boats that hit bottom in the Chain of Lakes system. The information will be logged into a database to identify operation or maintenance needs. This information may be shared with the Fox Waterway Agency alone. The data provided is critical in determining potential operations and maintenance of the system. The Office of Water Resources may pursue project funding to reduce impacts. The more documentation that is received, the easier the agencies are able to determine the priority of future actions.

    To assist the IDNR with evaluating impacts along the Fox River system, we are requesting economic loss data that your business experienced due to high or low water elevations. Below are tables to indicate the financial impacts to your business for both average daily and seasonal losses. Please see the back for more details and to provide comments.